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Intermodal transport

We provide national and international transport using containers for multimodal rail, sea and road transport. Efficiency and profitability guaranteed.

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Intermodal transport for liquid foodstuff

To guarantee the profitability and efficiency per tonne transported, we offer transport solutions with containers that are adaptable to multimodal transport. Your products can travel by road, rail or boat with full goods safety and traceability guarantees. We can transport milk, wine, oil, grape must or any other liquid foodstuff in our adapted road tankers all the way to the destination with cost and performance-optimised logistics.

Controlled traceability

Our control systems guarantee product traceability and innocuousness

Food safety

Our Food Safety Management System guarantees the safety of your products during transport

Profitability and efficiency

Intermodal transport offers great flexibility for enhancing the results of your product transport

Would you like us to handle your product transport?

Contact us so your products can reach their destination in the best conditions

Road tanker transport for foodstuff with full guarantees

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Safe, controlled and certified intermodal transport

To ensure quality and safety when transporting your products in a multimodal manner, Transportes Félix has the resources to guarantee the safety of your liquid products during transport:

  • Localisation systems to guarantee product traceability in liquid transport.
  • Civil liability insurance to fulfil our responsibilities in the event of any contingency.
  • Road tankers with analogue thermometers to control the temperature during transport.

Transportes Félix: Certified and controlled quality

Our facilities, resources and activities are certified and audited to comply with current regulations. Because of this, you can be sure your liquid foodstuff will be transported with the highest of hygiene and safety guarantees.

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