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Road tanker and container washing

Machinery and personnel specialising in foodstuff tanker cleaning and sanitisation.

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Our facilities are equipped with a road tanker and container washing station, where we offer interior road tanker washing and steaming as well as exterior road tanker washing. We have all of the necessary machinery to guarantee your vehicle will be perfectly cleaned, using excellent quality products. Our personnel are qualified to offer all of the services so customers can be fully satisfied that their needs are being covered.

Foodstuff road tanker washing facilities

We have two interior road tanker washing stalls, with the following features:

  • 6 316 stainless steel rotary heads.
  • 70-80 ºC water temperature.
  • Steam production of 522,053 kcal/h.
  • Tray, hose and hose becket cleaning.
  • Container operating pressure of up to 140 bar.
  • Road tanker operating pressure of 25 – 100 bar.
  • Detergent for use with foodstuff.
  • Road tanker numbered sealing.
  • pH controls.
  • ATP controls.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Foodstuff road tanker washing facilities

What services do we offer?

Interior road tanker washing

Road tanker steaming

Exterior road tanker washing


Would you like to know more about our washing services?

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Washing station with certified guarantees

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In order to engage in the food road tanker washing business effectively and in an orderly manner, an internal procedure is in place which is mandatory for all workers on the washing team.  Said workers have Qualified Level DDD licences and the company is registered with the Official Register of Biocidal Establishments and Services (ROESB), meaning road tankers and refrigerated vehicles may be disinfected.

We are externally certified, which guarantees our operations and production process at our washing facilities as well as our commitment to the environment since we have our own WWTP to treat sewage from the tanker and container washing in addition to being ISO 9001 and ISO 140021 certified. Likewise, we have been evaluated through the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) to effectively certify that our quality, environmental and safety management system is adequate at our tanker washing centre.

Road tanker and container washing Image

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