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Food Grade Tanker Trucks

Food tanker: the best for liquid products

Freight Forwarding Service in Food Grade Tanker Trucks

Do you really know which functions perform the food grade tanker trucks? You have to transport food grade liquids and ask yourself which would be the most efficient mean? If you are responsible for the production of food grade liquids, you are certainly aware of their perishable and delicate aspect. To assure flawless freight forwarding and the quality of your products, the choice of the vehicle is crucial and has to be assured in the best conditions.

That’s where the food grade tanker trucks come into play, because they are able to assure the freight forwarding in perfect conditions. By doing so, it is essential to assure that the freight forwarding follows the requisitions from the European Union, assuring the safety of the forwarded products.

Among the numerous norms surrounding the freight forwarding of perishable food grade liquids, some regulate the food grade tanker trucks’ own characteristics. First, it has to be made out of stainless steel and has to be isothermal (which means it preserves the right temperature for your liquids). It then should have an electric pump and an antibacterial filter to assure a riskless unloading. An analogic thermometer should also be placed in the tanker truck to be able to monitor the product’s temperature at any time. Finally, the food grade tanker truck should possess a GPS device, assuring the total traceability of the product.

These measures contribute to the safety and the quality of the food grade products, conditions which can only meet a quality food grade tanker truck. In this way, you will be able to assure yourself against risks of public health thanks to the conformity to hygiene rules of the food grade tanker trucks, assured by the modern cleaning and vaporization machines used.

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