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Committed to quality, food safety and environmental protection

The FELIX Group, which is comprised of TRANSPORTES FELIX E HIJOS, S.L., CISTERNAS FELIX, S.L. and by GRUAS FELIX, S.L., maintains a Management System based on standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:15, UNE-EN ISO 14001:15, OHSAS 18001:07 and the IFS Logistic Protocol as essential tools for guaranteeing the ongoing improvement of its activities and to meet its customer’s demands. Therefore, Management assumes the commitment to proper environmental management, ensuring compliance with current laws on WASHING AND GREASING VEHICLES AND STEAMING ROAD TANKERS USED TO TRANSPORT HAZARDOUS GOODS AND FOODSTUFFS, TRANSPORT FOR HAZARDOUS AND PERISHABLE GOODS BOTH NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY IN ADDITION TO CRANE SERVICES. In line with the decision and will expressed, Management undertakes to provide the material and human resources necessary to meet the objectives established.

Authorisations for road tanker washing operations

In order to engage in the road tanker washing business, our team has Qualified Level DDD licences. Our facility is registered with the Official Register of Biocidal Establishments and Services (ROESB), meaning road tankers and refrigerated vehicles may be disinfected.

We have been evaluated through the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) to certify that our quality, environmental and safety management system is truly adequate at our tanker washing centre.


You can view and download our certificates and authorisations here:

Authorisations to operate our road transport business for goods and foodstuff

As a part of the food chain, we are aware of the importance of applying best hygiene and sanitation practices during operations aimed at guaranteeing goods safety and innocuousness as well as compliance with the requirements and demands established by customers who trust us with their food products.

That is why we are committed to aiming all of our efforts at food safety, sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.

You can view and download our certificates and authorisations here: