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In our facilities we have a cisterns and containers washing station, in which we offer washing and vaporizing services inside tanks, as well as outside truck washing.


We have all the necessary machinery to guarantee the perfect cleaning of your vehicle, using products of excellent quality.


Our staff is qualified to perform all services, so that the client is fully satisfied covering their needs.


The service provided by FELIX TRANSPORTATION GROUP and its operations will always tend to the protection of the environment trying to minimize or eradicate its negative impact on it.


The service provided by FELIX TRANSPORTATION GROUP is carried out under the quality requirements required and with the objective of its total SECURITY in the various matters of PROTECTION of Goods, People, Goods and Installations.


The service of FELIX TRANSPORTATION GROUP will consider at all times, both in its planning as in your SECURITY, the appropriate measures of PROTECTION OF PEOPLE and LA SECURITY OF HIGH VALUE OR HAZARDOUS PRODUCTS, BEFORE THEFT OR ATTACKS.


The documentation delivered to the logistics services must be subject to careful security measures for the purpose of protection of unauthorized access, and safe conservation.


In this important function of the company, the MANAGEMENT expresses its commitment to the BBS program; (Conduct on Safety), as the root of the company’s culture and management system, which imposes the consideration and continuous attention of the indicators that are described in the Management Manual and others SGC documents.


The safety and health of employees is a preferential and indisputable premise in any determination of systematic and in the daily behavior of the staff. As a guarantee of safety and health of the staff of the FELIX TRANSPORTATION GROUP, as well as other aspects, Management establishes the TOTAL PROHIBITION of being under the effects (however slight) of drugs, narcotics or alcohol during the
working time, clearly and explicitly determining the direct application of disciplinary measures that in law proceed.