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Transport services in road tankers

Transport services in road tankers

A fleet of more than 250 road tankers take your products to any corner of Spain or Europe, with full sanitary and safety guarantees

Milk Image

Milk transport

Milk transport with full guarantees, in road tankers and containers

Image Orange Juice

Juice transport

Juice transport in road tankers and containers

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Wine transport

Wine transport in road tankers and containers for intermodal transport

Oil Image

Oil transport

Oil transport in road tankers and containers

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Grape must transport

Grape must transport to any corner of Spain or Europe

Other liquid foodstuffs

Other liquid foodstuffs

Our road tankers transport any foodstuff with full guarantees

Food safety traceability and control in road tankers

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Food traceability

As part of the food chain, we are aware of our responsibility to care for the products our customers trust us with and that is why we make sure to comply with current European Union food safety regulations. We have the resources and procedures necessary to guarantee your products will reach their destination in the best hygiene conditions:

  • GPS localisation systems.
  • Ongoing improvement of the Management System implemented through annual audits pursuant to IFS Logistic criteria.
  • Our road tankers are equipped with analogue temperature control thermometers
  • We have our own washing station to clean and sanitise road tankers and ensure goods innocuousness.

Food safety

Transportes Félix has implemented all of the procedures and control systems needed to operate a road tanker transport business, ensuring sanitary controls and the proper responses when an incident arises:

  • We follow a Food Safety Management System, which is documented and certified pursuant to IFS Logistic standards.
  • We have established a FOOD DEFENCE plan to minimise the risk of our processes being sabotaged.
  • We have an action plan for food crisis situations and product recalls that is implemented upon detecting any type of incident.
  • We have developed a SANITARY SELF-VERIFICATION PLAN, based on HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles.

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Road tanker transport in the best conditions

Road tankers

Transport in top quality stainless steel tanks

To ensure quality and safety when transporting your products, Transportes Félix has the essential resources so you can fully trust and believe that your goods will arrive at their destination in the best conditions:

    • Road tankers with analogue thermometers to control the temperature during transport.
    • Isothermal tankers made of stainless steel pursuant to ATP regulations for perishable goods.
    • A load capacity of 25 TN.

Civil liability insurance to fulfil our responsibilities in the event of any contingency.

Road tanker washing and sanitisation station

We have a road tanker and container washing station at our facilities, where we offer interior road tanker washing and sanitisation as well as exterior road tanker washing. Our facilities are certified by an Authorised Control Authority meaning they comply with the minimal conditions for interior washing facilities:

  • Letter Q certified
  • SQAS Attestation
  • ROESB Register
Road tanker washing and sanitisation station

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