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Food Grade Tanker Trucks: Functions and Characteristics

You have certainly already seen a truck with a tanker on the road. And perhaps you asked yourself what they contain and the reasons why they are needed. In a nutshell, the tanker trucks are used to transport food grade or not food grade liquids in the best conditions.

Among the existing variety of vehicles, you will find food grade tanker trucks which, as its name implies, allows us to transport liquid foodstuff. This mean of transport plays an essential role in the delivery of perishable liquids without risk of deterioration. To know more about these special trucks, it is important to get to know their functions and characteristics.

Functions of the Food Grade Tanker Truck

As mentioned before, the Food Grade Tanker Truck enables the transport of food grade liquids. It can be juice, whine, milk, oil and way more. Because of their perishable and delicate aspect, these products demand an optimal maintenance during the trip.

  • One of its principal function is the constant guarantee of the foodstuff’s traceability. Which means that every step of the transport process has to be monitored and that an extreme product’s vigilance is necessary. The traceability enables on one side to inform the consumers about the product’s journey and on the other side, to be able to take quick and effective measure in the case of a sanitary risk. For these reasons, each food grade tanker truck has to be equipped with a GPS.
  • The second function the tanker trucks have to fulfill is the preservation of the liquids’ quality, from a nutritive, gustative and hygienic point of view — with the goal of aiming the maximum client satisfaction. For this reason, the trucks have to follow the strict safety and HACCP rules.
  • At last, but not least, the tanker trucks have to ensure the food safety, which means guaranteeing that the product does not present any health hazard. That’s why the trucks have to be perfectly cleaned and vaporized but also be equipped with an analog thermometer that enables the monitoring of the product’s temperature.

In a nutshell, the goal of a tanker truck is to ensure the traceability, quality and security of the food grade liquids it transports.

Characteristics of the Food Grade Tanker Truck

To regulate the transport process, the European Union has set food safety standards, which have to be followed by any actor implied in the production, the transportation and the distribution of the products. Among these measures, are stipulated norms concerning the own tanker truck’s characteristics.

  • The vehicle has to be equipped with a GPS enabling to localize and register the truck at any moment.
  • The tanker truck’s fabrication material is essential. It has to be made out of stainless steel and has to be isothermal, according to the EU ATP standards.
  • The unloading of the food grade tanker truck has to be operated by an electric pump and antibacterial filters.
  • The temperature has to be controlled by an analog thermometer, guaranteeing the liquids will always be conserved in the best conditions.
  • On the other hand, it is important to remind that the hygiene and the cleaning process have to be impeccable. That’s why the tanker trucks are thoroughly cleaned and vaporized to ensure a risk zero of health hazard. According to the transported good, different cleaning products are used.
  • The food grade tanker trucks are often separated in various compartments, for a most efficient process.
  • Finally, we have at your disposal adapted containers for the intermodal transportation which enables us to transport your food grade liquids through various means (road, sea and train) without having to change the container.

If you are looking for a food grade liquids freight forwarding company, don’t hesitate to contact us! Trust in the food grade tanker trucks transport experts for more than 40 years. You can now relax knowing your food grade liquids will arrive safely to their destination