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Safety regarding allergies and food intolerances

The growing concern among society and the health authorities for an increasing number of allergies to different types of food is well-known, to the point that laws have been enacted to protect and safeguard the health of those with special meal control and care needs. It is European law. Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers, of 14 October 2011, solves this problem and seeks to safeguard consumers’ rights to know what they are actually eating which may pose a risk to their health.

What is an allergen in food?

In recent years, the importance of treating food allergens correctly and increasing precautions has been greatly influenced. According to different studies, approximately 3% of adults and 6% of children suffer some type of food allergy.

Today we have a greater amount of information and we are much more aware of the need to take extreme precautions, but even so it remains a subject that generates some controversy and that is not entirely clear to many.

In general, an allergen is a substance that can provoke a hypersensitive (allergic) reaction in susceptible people. In nutrition, it is a food or ingredient in a food that is capable of developing an allergy in sensitive consumers.

The law obliges establishments and transports that sell unpacked food to inform them adequately about it. The sellers of the foods that are dispatched by weight or by unpacked loose units must take care that the people who request it receive information about the ingredients used.

At Transportes Félix, we take the necessary measures so foodstuff or products with allergens do not enter into direct or indirect contact with allergen-free foodstuffs by doing the necessary checks of our tankers to ensure their absences whenever necessary.

Transportes Félix: Quality of services certified

Our facilities, means and activity are certified and audited to comply with current regulations. Thanks to this you can have the peace of mind that the transportation of your liquid food products will be carried out with the maximum hygienic and safety guarantees.